What Does the Bible Say About Valentine's Day?

What Does the Bible Say About Valentine's Day?

What Does the Bible Say About Valentine's Day?

Today we know what the Bible says about Valentine's Day. My darling! Internationally, some days are designated, such as Labor Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, as well as Valentine's Day, which is celebrated all over the world on February 14. The history of this day is very old, but it has nothing to do with Christianity. 

It is also called the day of love which is celebrated by people in the memory of a couple. The Word is not related to God at all, nor is anything written about it in the Bible. The Word of God commands love, the first of which is love of God. Later, the spouses, parents, siblings, children and the church love each other. 

The Bible, however, does not in any way justify the carnal desire of a married couple to love without marriage. Those who have chosen this day. They don't have to be Christian or But do you know that they are Christians in name only, because no true Christian gives such immorality a place in his life. 

Beware of Valentine's Day 

What Does the Bible Say About Valentine's Day?

The Bible tells us to be careful on Valentine's Day, because the Lord is holy and loves purity. Spiritual and physical purity are necessary to remain present in the presence of the Lord, fornication destroys our spiritual and physical purity. Therefore beware of him, and save yourselves from this dangerous weapon of Satan, and save your sisters and daughters, and the Lord will have mercy on us. 

According to Mark 12: 30, we are to love the Lord with all our heart, soul, and mind.This is the greatest commandment in the Word, and what it commands. It is supposed that this greatest commandment should be in the first place in our lives, which is not seen in our lives far away, and we do not follow its commandments. 

We seem to have given the first rank to carnal love and desire. God's love is hidden somewhere. When it comes to love of the Lord, we are ashamed. While it is to be ashamed of We're proud of that. Putting anything else above His love is an insult to God. 

Because when we read the Bible, we learn that the first rank belongs to the Lord in all circumstances. His love is appreciated in every way. If we look at the words of God, we see that man relies on them and stumbles because of them. 

What is Meant by Heart, Soul, Intellect and Strength? 

  1. Heart: According to God, the Word is infallible and incurable. We are trapped in the arms of Satan, away from the love of God. 
  2. Soul: According to the Word of God, the life of the body is in the blood. We love our bloody relationships and distance ourselves from God, because we put our physical relationships first. 
  3. Intellect: Intellect is given by the Lord, and we trust in the Giver of wisdom. Rather, we trust in our own understanding, and in every way we stumble and are ashamed to believe in Satan. 
  4. Strength: As long as there is strength in our body We do not understand anyone and want to achieve everything on the basis of this power. We do not have time to go to the Giver of power, and these are the days of youth. The Lord wants us to spend the days of our youth in His praise. 

It proves that a man who loves He wants to be with her, to live with her. The purpose of this great command is also to be reconciled to the Lord, for he also loves us very much. 

What is God's love for man? 

John 3: 16 says, "For behold, the God of heaven loved the world and man, so much that he gave his only begotten Son, to us who believe in his Son Jesus." It won't be blocked but will have eternal life. 

No one in this world can love like this, everyone claims to love, but he claims before his love, what God has done to you and me is false and hollow. Is there anyone who will punish his only son for our sins? 

You will not find anyone in the world who can love you like this, but our Lord has loved us like this. He paid for our sins by sacrificing His only Son. He gave His life for every man and woman. And now everyone who believes in him and confesses that he laid down his life for me will be saved. 

He who does not believe in this sacrifice does not believe in it, and he will perish physically. Today we need to understand that we should love the Lord our God as he loved us. We have fallen away from the love of God Because it is not love, but a tactic to satisfy physical desires. 

How to Accept the Lord Jesus Christ 

What Does the Bible Say About Valentine's Day?

According to Romans 13: 14, put on the Lord Jesus Christ and believe in Him and do not make plans for the desires of the flesh. 

What does it mean to worship the Lord Jesus? Why do we have to wear clothes? Adam and Eve hid their nakedness when they sinned, so that no one would see your nakedness. So to put it on means to put away our sinful life and accept Christ as our Savior, for He has shed His precious blood to take away our sins. 

Such days as Valentine's Day, mixed parties and clubs, etc are all tricks to satisfy the desires of the body. This is a great trick of Satan designed to lead those who love God into error and adultery. 

These acts of dancing, drunkenness, adultery, strife, envy and idolatry are all acts of darkness and misguidance, which take us away from God. When any of these things enter our lives, we are immersed in other things. 

Because bad company corrupts good habits, according to the Word of God, avoid such company, so that we may not be a stumbling block to ourselves and our household, but may be a blessing to them, because you have been bought with blood. Therefore, our work should also be separated from the world. 

Finally the Lesson 

The Bible says about Valentine's Day that our bodies are not our own, but together we are the body of Jesus Christ, for we are members of his body. It needs to be understood that if any of us will fall into adultery, so it is a desecration of the body of Christ. Because we are his body.

According to 1Corinthians 6: 19, we need to know that our body is the sanctuary of the Holy Spirit who dwells in us and is given to us by the Lord. 

The Bible teaches that we are sanctified by the Holy Spirit according to the Word of God. Therefore, we should not fall victim to any conspiracy of Satan and destroy this holy place of God, but have respect for it and live a pure life. 

We shouldn't live in those days. But we must obey His Word, and we will see His glory. May the Lord grant all of us Christian brothers and sisters the grace to protect our bodies and live holy lives. 

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