God is the Source of Wisdom

God is the Source of Wisdom

God is the Source of Wisdom 

Today we know if God is the source of wisdom really, because he is the only head spring for us, and it springs from him. For the keys of life and death are with the Lord. If we worship Him and believe in Him with contemplation, we can receive His divine wisdom in our lives. 

Reason teaches us the difference between right and wrong, which enables us to make wise and right decisions. Because in many religious holy books God is recognized as the originator of all wisdom, because he is the leader of the whole world, and the source of righteousness. 

His wisdom is beyond human intelligence and mere knowledge. If we acknowledge His thought and source, we attain a higher power and humility. Which leads our thoughts towards enlightened fulfillment. More valuable information about it. 

Is God the Source of True Wisdom? 

God is the Source of Wisdom

Job 28: 28 says, He said to man, the fear of the Lord is wisdom for us, and the turning away from evil is the price of our life. 

This is how He praises Him, He says God is the source of wisdom, if we fear Him, it is intellect; and if we shun evil, it is understanding. This verse describes the strengthening of our faith. For it is then that both the fear of God and the turning away from evil take place. When people change themselves. 

So when we fear Him by trusting in Him and repenting of our sins, then you become wise. It is of two kinds. One spiritual and the other physical wisdom, if you have only human means physical intellect, then if we consider the words of James, it is earthly, and demonic. 

Can We Know the Wisdom of God? 

According to James 3: 15, this wisdom is not that which comes down from God out of heaven, but is earthly, spiritual, earthly, and demonic. We cannot know His true wisdom, only the righteous can know it. 

Anyone who does not believe in it has nothing to do with the One who gives understanding. For they are far from him and from his word, because they do not know him. 

According to Romans 16: 27, the only true God, through Jesus Christ our Savior, is glorified and praised from beginning to end. 

If we repent and accept His gospel and believe in Him, then you believe in the only true God, your Father. Because the book of his wisdom, which is open to you in the form of the Holy Spirit, the book of wisdom, reveals to you the word of the Lord and his message, then you will be wise in Christ. 

Knowing all this, we should not review man's understanding and what the Bible describes as God's wisdom. We should not ignore this in practice, and we should not have such a sinful tendency in our heart. I think if human beings are aware of each other's opposition, we can leave the sinful life of this world and embrace its intellect. 

Human and Divine Wisdom.

In today's time, man's thinking is attacked by worldly philosophies and Satan, they do not know that God is the source of wisdom, so that you have retreated from the teachings of the Divine Word, because the human heart is physically weak. 

Satan satisfies her physical needs, and takes control of her. This is not a new attack, it has been attacking mankind since the beginning. All who believed the Corinthians They also had the same problem. 

Because they were influenced by the prevailing ideas of the time. When he converted to Christianity and the Word of God awakened him when he became a Christian, he was subject to obvious controversy and personal ridicule. 

According to 1-Corinthians 1: 18-20, Paul clearly states in this letter, The message of the cross is for those foolish people who are perishing in a life of sin, but who trust in a wise God. They are being saved by His power, for His power is over them. But the Lord of the heavens and the earth has denied the wisdom of the world. 

First - century philosophers saw this as foolishness, and the Lord Jesus Christ called it wisdom. This is actually called foolishness. Because the wisdom of this mortal world and the wisdom of God are incompatible, and they are very different from each other. 

In the End, the Lesson 

The Lord of the heavens and the earth has blessed mankind with the ability and intellect to analyze, study, develop and classify the physical resources of this earthly entity. So that he is happy in his physical life, but because of sin his mind is unable to understand the spiritual intellect and dimension, because of this their spiritual wisdom is lost. 

Then he does not have the power to change his life and heart and mind, because now they do not have the power and any understanding to solve their problem. They do not have the wisdom and resources to satisfy their soul, because they are now spiritually dead; anyone who will die. 

He will have no part in spiritual intellect, nor will he have the opportunity to contribute to it. Because God's thinking is so infinite, it has the power to change everything. 

I hope You've learned from this lesson. That, God is the source of wisdom, and discernment springs only from Him. I believe that this message has changed your life, and your faith in Christ has become stronger. 

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