What is the Story of Job from the Bible

What is the Story of Job from the Bible

What is the Story of Job from the Bible 

Today we know, what the story of Job is in the Bible. His life is one of the darkest and most fascinating stories in the Bible. The Bible also has some wonderful lessons for us to learn. Many of us go through challenges like Job. He faced many difficulties in his life. 

It is written in the Bible that in his life, financial decline, loss of property, hardships, humiliation and the death of his loved ones with whom he used to sit and eat food have all been seen by Job in his life. All this is happening in our lives today, and we are also facing these difficulties. But we are not as strong as Job, and we do not have wisdom like him. 

His story holds a special place in our lives. Because it teaches us to trust in the Lord, no matter what difficulties and downfalls we face in this world. We must all trust in the Lord Jesus Christ and never lose sight of this story. Learn more about it from the Bible. 

What is the Story of Job? 

What is the Story of Job from the Bible

According to Job 1: 1-3, the Bible tells the story of Job. A righteous man named Job lived in the land of vengeance. He was a perfect and true man in God, and he feared the Lord, and shunned eternity. He had seven sons and three daughters. Because the grace of God was with him, he had 7,000 camels, 500 pairs of oxen, and 500 donkeys. 

At the same time, he also had many servants, so he was highly respected in the East, and he was considered the greatest man in the East. Because he always prayed and worshiped God, God was pleased with Job's faithfulness, but God magnified his loyalty. 

The Conversation Between the Lord and Satan About Job 

The Lord drew Satan's attention to Job's faithfulness, which made him jealous. However, Satan set a condition with God and he accepted his challenge. Come learn about the conversation between God and Satan about Job. 

God said, Have you considered my faithful servant Job? For there is no one on earth so wise, so righteous, and so blameless as he. Who fears God and turns away from sin? (See also Job 1:8) 

Satan said, Does he fear God in this way? Have you taken Job and his house, and all that he has, and all that he has? Didn't the Lord put a fence around it? Have you blessed all the work of his hands, for his wealth is great in the land? But has God put forth His hand, and given Him all that He has at this time? Touch him just a little bit, and he will flatter you on your face. (Job 1:9-11) 

God said, Job has everything. It's all in your hands, and it's in your power. Do not stretch out your hand against him, and Satan departs from the presence of God. Satan, hoping that Job would curse God in his face, began to test Job and began to lose everything he had. 

Pain in the Job of Life 

What is the Story of Job from the Bible

Job was in his house, and one of his servants came running to him and said, The Sabeans have stolen all your oxen and donkeys. They were our servants. They've all been killed. He was listening to the news. And another man of his came running, and told him, saying, Fire is come down from heaven, and hath devoured all the man's that ministered unto the sheep, and to the cattle. 

While he was still listening to the news about the other man, another servant came to give him the bad news, and he told Job, the Chaldeans have taken away all your mules and killed all the workers. All this bad news was troubling Job so much that the fourth servant reported the theft of Job's property, which was nothing compared to the news of the last servant. 

Before he could act on the news of his burglaries and deaths, the final blow had to be dealt. The last servant came running to him and told him that, the wind from the desert hit your house so hard that the wind had toppled you, and all your sons and daughters were partying there. All of Job's sons and daughters died. 

This last piece of news can shake the mind of any sane and honest person. But Job kept his righteousness and kept his faith in God. Instead of blaming God, he worshiped God, and fell down before Him, honoring God. And he gave thanks to the Lord, and he trusted in Him. 

He was not satisfied with all the plagues that Satan sent on Job; then Satan began to oppress Job, Satan began to afflict him with painful boils on his skin, so that he turned away from his faith, and he continued his evil test. 

The Bible says that Satan tried everything to defeat him; yet Job remained strong in his faith, and did not blame God for all the bad things that happened to him. 

Why did Job's Friends Think that his Suffering was his Fault? 

What is the Story of Job from the Bible

After these terrible and painful events had passed, Job's friends came to mourn. Of his friends, "Bildad, Eliphaz, and Zophar" questioned what he had done to deserve such suffering. (Job 4-32) 

His friends blamed him for the bad things that had happened to him, because they did not know God's plans, nor have they seen His plans. Their physical minds could not understand why God would allow his faithful Job to go through such troubles. 

The New Testament gives us the answer to this question. God gave His Son Jesus the death of pain and shame on the cross, because the Lord had a great plan for mankind. If God the Father allowed His only Son to suffer such pain and suffering on the cross, why couldn't God allow a simple man like Job to suffer and suffer. Because God has a purpose in all things. Job's story teaches us that God has a plan for everything. 

Who was Job's Friend Elihu? 

He was the fourth of Job's friends, and his name was Eliud. He was a descendant of Buzi Baruchel, and a descendant of the tribe of Rama. (Job 32:2) 

Barachiel's ancestor Boaz is mentioned in Genesis, 22 chapter 20-23 verse, as the son of Abraham's brother Nahor. Elihu was very angry with his three friends for not giving the right answer to Job, when the time came for him to speak, he did not have any answer to give the right and proper answer to Job. 

What did God Say About Job's Sufferings? 

God addressed Job and gave him two answers about his suffering. At first, God told Job that He was the Creator and Owner of the entire universe, and that He had never slept. (Job 38-39) 

The Lord's first answer, explained to him that the great universe on which he lived I own it, and have put everything in its place. So the Lord's first point was to tell him that it was all in my control. 

Nothing can get out of my place unless I allow it. Job answered the Lord, Look, I'm a simple man. What can I answer to you? I put my hand on my mouth. I once said I wouldn't answer. (Job 40:3-5) 

God's second point was to ask, does Job have what he created? It takes courage and strength to overcome it. As such, Leviathan is a very dangerous creature, and it is a far cry from human intervention. (Job 40-41) 

If Job couldn't control this dangerous creature, how could he control the events in his life? Only one God in this world has the power to stop the events of every human life. In these two points, God explained to Job that he could control all things and events. No matter what happens in human life, no matter how bad the situation gets. 

What have We Learned from Story of Job? 

1. The Story of Job teaches us Let us never give up, for he has never forsaken God in his life. According to Christians, the difficulties will be the same. We must never give up. Although some difficulties may be great, Jesus Christ has the upper hand. That's why we win Not the difficulties. 

2. When this disaster came upon Job, his wife said, cursing to the Lord and die, but he was righteous. He said to his wife, You talk like foolish women, may we find happiness with God, and not suffer? He didn't listen to his wife, because he knew better. But God knows what's best for us. The Lord love and kindness will always be with us. 

God wants us to vent our anger to him, as David did so many times in the Psalms. The Bible, however, explains that cursing God is the result of entering into sin. When we begin to harbor bitterness and jealousy in our hearts for someone else or for the Lord, we begin to defeat the purpose of the Creator in our lives, and when we include the devil in our lives, the devil is much happier. 

3. Finally, Job was greatly blessed by God: The Bible says that when his trial was over, Job lost what God had given him twice as much as before. If we lose something in our lives, God has a plan. There is often a miracle in our lives that when we lose something, God gives us something better and greater in its place. Therefore, when pain and trials begin to come into our lives, we should not despair and worry. 

Rather, we should wait for God's salvation and blessing, because He cannot see us in suffering. We should all hold on to the Lord's unwavering hand, and trust in Jesus Christ, then better days come in our lives. The story of Job is a great lesson for our lives. It strengthens our faith in such a way that we have a single sovereign God who is always with us and also takes care of us, even if we are in the worst of times. 

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