What is Solomon's Wisdom in God's Word?

What is Solomon's Wisdom in God's Word?

What is Solomon's Wisdom in God's Word? 

From the practical teaching of the Bible, we know that what is Solomon's wisdom. Because it is the beginning of the fear of the Almighty and the earth is too much for inheritance. And the God of heaven said unto king Solomon, Thy wisdom and thy understanding shall be as the sand of the sea, because thou hast followed the kingdom of David thy father, and hast accepted his kingdom with all thine heart. 

So the reign of King Solomon, David's son, became so popular that news of it spread to distant lands. The news reached the Queen of Sheba, ruler of the Kingdom of Saba (Sheba) in southwestern Arabia, and she issued an order to find the famous man. This was possible because he had wisdom from the Lord that led to his advancement. Let's know more about it. 

Wisdom and Knowledge 

According to Proverbs 1: 5, the Solomon's wisdom is his identity. How'd you get this smart? He began with the teachings of Nathan the prophet because he spoke for him. A wise man listens and increases his knowledge, and a discerning man receives good advice. 

And God showed Solomon all these things, and all that was in your heart. Ask me and I will give you. And he said unto God, Give me wisdom and knowledge, that I may lead this people, and that I may reign over this people for good. 

And the LORD said unto him, Thou hast not asked of me riches, or honour, or power, but wisdom and knowledge, to reign over this people, of whom I have made thee king, be able to govern well. Therefore I give you wisdom and knowledge.And God gave him what he did not ask for. 

According to 1 Kings 4: 24-25, King Solomon modeled his rule after that of Nathan, because he had received wisdom from God. This king proved to be a good ruler, From his kingdom peace and security were spread everywhere, so Israel is in peace. 

Who was Chosen by God for the Throne? 

What is Solomon's Wisdom in God's Word?

According to 1 Kings chapter 5, Adonijah son of Haggith said, "I will be the best heir to the throne." So he prepared for himself fifty soldiers with chariots and horsemen, even before he became an arrogant king, the celebration began, but the throne of Israel was not made for their principles, For the LORD had appointed the next king. 

Adonijah had violated its basic principle. That is why we should glorify God and not exalt ourselves. It's because God chooses He also gives him respect. 

According to 1 Chronicles 22: 5, Nathan and Sheba reminded King David of his promise to put Solomon on the throne because he had promised. We all know that David wanted to make Solomon king. Because it was right in his eyes. Loyalty and truth are the king's hallmarks, so he upholds his kingdom in righteousness. 

Examples of Following Wisdom 

Many examples of Solomon's wisdom were given, he fulfilled his responsibility as a ruler because the people were as numerous as grains of sand, but it required great courage and wisdom to rule over them. According to Proverbs 2:6, God gives wisdom and honor to anyone. Truth and understanding come out of His mouth. 

During Solomon's reign, a case came before his court, which he handled very wisely. There were two women and a child, one of whom died. The child was stolen.One said he was my son, and the other said he was my son. 

Then the king made a plan, according to his plan, he said that the child should be cut into two parts, then the truth will come out. When all Israel heard his decision, they were afraid of the king's decision, but then they thought that he had the wisdom to make a decision from God. 

Hearing her decision, the woman who stole the baby said it was okay; to do so, but the child The woman said, 'Don't do that, give this son to the woman and don't cut him in two.' When the people saw King Solomon's decision, they praised him. 

In the End, the Lesson 

If you want God to make you perfect, you must become perfect like Solomon, David's son. Then He will bless us, and then we will be righteous. I hope you have learned a lot about Solomon's wisdom today and that the Lord will save you through this lesson. 

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