What Is Spiritual Wisdom According to God's Word?

What Is Spiritual Wisdom According to God's Word?

What Is Spiritual Wisdom According to God's Word? 

Witten in the Lord's Word that our faith helps us to mature in the fruits of the Spirit; if we ask God for spiritual wisdom, He is very pleased to give it to us. Because when we have a close relationship with the Lord, these relationships grow with him. 

In this world today, man, having developed the social environment and earthly desires, thinks that I have become wise. Which is based on materialism and self-interest. Therefore man has learned to trust in himself, and not in God. 

What is Spiritual Wisdom 

Spiritual wisdom is to trust in God's Word and the power of the Holy Spirit that He has given us. Strengthening ourselves with this, then we can live a happy life completely free from the pressures and expectations of this greedy world. All this is possible through His glory and wisdom. However, God uses his children with a grace that goes far beyond the values and priorities of this earthly realm. 

What Does the Bible Say About Spiritual Wisdom? 

What Is Spiritual Wisdom According to God's Word?

There are numerous references to it in the Bible. However, some explanations and definitions of it are found in the letters of the apostle Paul. In a letter to the Colossians, the apostle Paul says that this is the meaning of spiritual wisdom for a follower of the Lord Jesus Christ. 

According to Colossians 1: 9-12, however, since we heard this and have not stopped praying. We pray that he will fill you with knowledge through the wisdom of the Spirit, so that you may advance in a life worthy of the Lord and pleasing to Him: bearing good fruit by doing good works, being strengthened with all the powers according to His power, so that you may gain much patience and give joyful thanks to your heavenly Father. 

This will enable you to share in the inheritance of the holy ones in the kingdom of God. Paul further prayed that the church in Ephesus would grow in God and acquire spiritual knowledge: "that the glory of our Father the Lord Jesus Christ might give to them wisdom and the spirit of revelation," as the New Testament says in Greek, referring to "spiritual knowledge." 

This means that That is: pure, accurate, moral, or divine knowledge. The apostle Paul wanted the Ephesians to know God by heart because he was without such corruption. 

According to James 3: 13, James also explains spiritual wisdom in detail in his book: He says, Who among you is wise and understanding? May they act in the humility and wisdom that comes from their good life. 

According to Psalm 86: 11, the importance of living wisely is also explained in the psalm: The Lord showed me his straight path so that I could trust in his faithful life and make me undivided so that I could fear your name. 

Biblical Characters Who Have Demonstrated Spiritual Wisdom 

King Solomon is the most famous of all biblical characters for his wisdom. According to Proverbs 7: 4, the Word of God emphasizes the importance of wisdom. The beginning of wisdom was: to receive it. However, you may have to spend everything to get it. How did Solomon become so wise because he asked God for spiritual wisdom? 

And he prayed unto the God of heaven, and said, Lord, my helper, thou hast made me king in the place of David my father: but I am but a little child, and I know not how to bear the throne of the king. But I'm still here among them. 'Cause you chose me. 

Therefore, give me a wise mind and heart to govern my people, to distinguish between right and wrong, so that I may govern this great people of yours well. Because he knew that he could only successfully rule this nation. 

When he executes the commandments of God, not according to his own will, but according to the will of the Lord Jesus, God granted King Solomon's request, but also granted him wealth and a long reign as king of Israel. 

And the Lord gave him many more gifts, because he did not ask for himself, but for his people, for he had a pure heart. Yes, the LORD gave Solomon more than he asked of him, for he walked in the way of the LORD to please him. For he did not desire the riches of the world, nor did he desire the world. 

King Solomon is therefore considered the greatest and most powerful of all the kings of Israel: he perfected Israel and expanded its borders, wrote the Book of Proverbs, the Book of Ecclesiastes, and the Song of Solomon, and built the temple of Jesus Christ. 

Does a lack of spiritual wisdom make a man a fool? 

What Is Spiritual Wisdom According to God's Word?

We have the example of Solomon. Because he is considered the wisest of all kings according to the Bible. But after a few years, he turned away from God's gift of spiritual wisdom and relied instead on the wisdom of the world. 

He married Pharaoh's daughter for his political benefit, he imposed a huge tax on the nation so that he could meet his resources. He married many women who worshipped idols. So he also began to worship other gods, and he began to build high places for them, because he was compelled. 

According to 1 Kings chapter 11, the result was that Solomon died a fool, and his life is a perfect example of how the use of wisdom can lead to a God-centered life. Because it is full of God's gifts of mercy and fulfillment, and this spiritual wisdom can fool man into rejecting God's gift. It can also ruin a child's life. 

How can we acquire more spiritual wisdom? 

To gain more Spiritual Wisdom, we need to fulfill the will of the Lord Jesus, which means that we need to have a close relationship with God. The more we obey its authorities and the more we will receive blessings and victories in our daily lives. This is how we will live our lives. Because he likes it. 

We can get closer to God Ask Him for help and spend time with God in prayer. Study the Bible with him and try to incorporate his Bible lessons into your daily life. 

At the same time, we should spend as much time as possible worshiping God in Christian song and praise, and then he blesses. Therefore, we should be grateful to him in every situation, whether we are in sorrow or in any situation. 

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