The Story of Jacob and Rachel

The Story of Jacob and Rachel

The Story of Jacob and Rachel 

Today we know about the story of Jacob and Rachel, because it is an incredible story. We take a very brief look at it. We can get very valuable information about both of them from this narrative. Their story is a Biblical love story, as the Bible teaches us to be clear about them. 

However, we need to learn from their lives and be faithful to the Lord. So that we may please our God by obeying his commandments. I am sure we will learn a good life lesson from his story. Let's know more about them. 

The Story of Jacob’s Life according to the Bible 

Before we know the story of Jacob and Rachel, we know the story of Jacob's life first. Genesis chapter 25 tells the story of Jacob, beginning with Abraham's sons Isaac and Rebekah. His wife Rebekah was barren, and Isaac prayed to God, and the Lord heard his prayer, and his wife conceived. 

The two children in her womb resisted each other, seeing this, Rebekah was very sad and she prayed. Then the Lord answers her, 'The two children in your womb will be called two nations, and the two tribes will be separated; one tribe will be stronger than the other, and the older son will serve the younger son and be his slave.' 

When the days of Rebekah's pregnancy are completed, there are tumors in her belly. Isaac was 60 years old when his son Rebekah was born. One of them was named Esau, and the other was named Jacob. Esau had long hair on his body, and he had red hair. He was a skilled hunter-gatherer, and lived mostly in the woods. 

Jacob was a simple boy. He just stayed at home and didn't go out much. Isaac loved Esau very much, and Rebekah loved Jacob very much. One boy got the love of the father, and the other boy got the love of the mother, so these two boys grew up and became enemies of each other. 

According to Genesis 25: 29, the stories of Jacob's childhood are characterized by theft and deception. One day Esau came home from the forest, and he was hungry. So he was getting restless. "But he said to Jacob," Let me eat of the red lentil, for I am hungry and I am faint; therefore it is called Edom. 

But Jacob said to him, In return, you must give me my birthright. Then he is willing to sell his birthright, and Jacob is not only satisfied with his birthright, but also steals his blessing from Esau. 

Jacob's Marriage 

Jacob flees from his home when he sees Esau's anger, and goes to Paddan-aram to find a wife for himself. Because his family is there. 

It reaches Paddan Aram, about four hundred miles from its home. As he approaches the village on foot, he sees shepherds at a well. He asks the shepherds about the house of his uncle Laban. 

While Jacob is talking to them, his cousin Rachel appears. They both look so happy to see each other, it seems that they have fallen in love with each other at first sight. 

Rachel flees and goes to tell her father that Jacob has come to us. When Laban hears this, he runs to meet him, and brings him home with him. He then works for his uncle Laban for a month, and Laban says to him, Tell me what your wages should be. 

For Jacob had already decided that he would marry Rachel, his uncle's daughter. So he agreed to work with them for 7 years to pay the dowry. However, his maternal uncle Laban also agreed, and their agreement was sealed. 

Jacob labors seven years, and his covenant is fulfilled. When seven years have passed, he asks his maternal uncle Laban to marry Rachel. He then agrees to the deal and arranges the marriage. 

Inviting the community together, Laban invites people in and around his backyard to have a huge celebration of the union. He welcomes his dear friends who come to the celebration by feeding them a sumptuous meal. However, Jacob gets married, so it's a grand celebration. 

Then he came to the tent where his wife was and spent the night with his wife. When the morning comes and the sun shines in their tents. Then Jacob's eyes are opened, as soon as he looks at his wife, the woman who spends the night with him. She wasn't Rachel. Rachel's older sister was Leah. Because in the custom of the time, the older sister was married first, Laban had the opportunity to marry Leah. 

But Jacob was very angry because his uncle Laban had deceived him. When he found this deception, he realized that I had also deceived my brother. He realized that Esau was entitled to birthright and blessings And I've cheated on him. 

The Love Story of Jacob and Rachel 

The Story of Jacob and Rachel

Jacob was in love with Rachel. But his wife became Leah. Then he said to Laban, 'I want to marry Rachel.' But his uncle Laban tells him to complete one week of his bride with Leah. After that, work with me for another seven years to marry Rachel, but he agrees to her proposal. 

But it was not an easy time for Rachel, for she too loved Jacob. Then Laban married Rachel to Jacob, and he also became acquainted with Rachel. For our God knows the brokenhearted and comforts them. 

The Lord saw that Jacob did not love Leah, and he opened Leah's womb, and she was struck, and she gave birth to 6 children. And these are the names of the children: Asher, and Levi, and Reuben, and Zebulun, and Judah, and Simeon, and Dinah a daughter. Some of these children have a very high place in the Bible. 

Rachel was very sad because she was barren, unable to bear a son or daughter for Jacob. However, she was very jealous of her sister Rachel. However, Rahel gives her handmaiden to Balha to get the child, so that their family can grow. 

Jacob had ten children and one daughter, Leah, born to Bilhah and Zilpah. Rachel had not yet given birth to a child. Finally, the Word of God says that the Lord looked upon Rachel, and she gave birth to a son, his name being Joseph. 

Jacob decided to leave the house of his maternal uncle Laban with his flocks, wives, and children. In Genesis 31, the Lord tells Jacob, It is time for you to leave this place and go back to the city of your father's. 

Then he called his wives and said to them, I decided to leave Phadan Aram without telling Laban, for this is what God wants. When they leave, Rachel steals her father's idols and keeps them with her. 

But when they leave, Laban stops them during the journey. And he accuses them of stealing. And when Jacob saw it, he was angry, and said, Whoever has stolen them, let him die now, for he did not know that Rachel had done this. 

After all the tents were searched, Laban found out what had happened to me, so he went to Rachel. Because he lied to his father. And Jacob and Laban made a covenant before the LORD in that place. Rachel lies by stealing, and stealing is a great sin in the Scriptures. 

Esau and Jacob Meet Each Other 

The Story of Jacob and Rachel

Esau was still very sad and angry, and he waited patiently for Jacob to return home to pay me my birthright. However, on the way home, he meets Esau, who agrees to return to Bethel with his family. 

But before he leaves with them, he makes sure that the family does not worship all the foreign gods and buries the idols. In Genesis chapter 35, we get to read that he intends for the family to be self-sufficient. 

So that his family would be cleansed, because their lives had been cleansed of sins and now they would be established in God. And the fear of God was in their lives. According to Genesis chapter 12, the Lord therefore changed Jacob's name to Israel, and the Abrahamic promise to him is repeated again. 

Rachel and Jacob's Story Takes Another Turn 

Several years after the birth of her first child with Jacob, Rachel, and Leah, Rachel finds herself pregnant, about to give birth to a second child. When she was giving birth to a child, she faced a lot of difficulties. Rachel breathes her last when she gives birth to her son Benjamin, and she dies at that moment. 

Finally, the Lesson 

From the story of Jacob and Rachel, we learned that life does not always go the way we planned it. However, there are many turning points in life, and our plans can change. Believe me, we do a lot of injustice to others, and we can also be wronged. 

However, love stories don't always end with fairy tales. But in all the troubles we face, God is with us, because He cares for us. That's why God's perfect plans for our lives are always fulfilled. 

If we believe in God, He is always with us, and He always guides us. The Lord will teach us where to go and what to do. He will remove all our errors and confusion, and He will teach us righteousness, and will lay His right hand on our heads. All these shall be worthy of the glory of the God of the kingdom. 

Dear friends! We read and see throughout the story of Jacob and Rachel that the Lord watches over his life, he makes wrong choices in his behavior, yet God encourages him to follow certain paths, and guides his life. 

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