Noah Story for Kids, According to the Word

Noah Story for Kids, According to the Word

Noah Story for Kids, According to the Word 

Today we read, Noah story for kids. Written in the Bible that, this the sinner was the only obedient servant of God in the world. Because it is very famous for making huge boats. He had saved his family and himself, as well as every land animal, from the great flood. 

He was a faithful and faithful servant of God in the Old Testament. He had found God's grace in a sinful world. The Lord sent him to judge the earth. Let's find out more about his story. 

What is the meaning of Noah? 

The meaning of Noah is "Rest," as the name is derived from the Hebrew word, can also be called "resting." This name reminds us of the event, which was likely witnessed by Noah's family. Because of this, God promised the mortal world. The Lord said, after this day I will not cause so much rain to fall, and I will not cause the whole earth to be flooded. 

What is the story of Noah? 

The Bible tells the holy Noah story when the Lord saw that much sin had increased on the earth. Man has become very wicked and corrupt on earth, so he was very sorry for creating man, and he decided to eliminate all humans. However, Noah who was the only believer on this earth, God gave him grace and blessing, because in his eyes he was a righteous person. (Genesis 6:5-9) 

And God said unto Noah, Build thee a great ark, and thou shalt save thee and thy household, and all flesh that is upon the earth, both male and female, and all manner of cattle, from the flood. He accepted God's command and built the ark. 

(Genesis 6:14-21) 

And God began to rain, and the waters of the rain became a great flood upon the spiritual earth, and the waters of the flood stood round about the ark forty days. All the living creatures on the earth died because of the flood, but Noah and his family and other animals in the ark survived. (Genesis 7:17-18) 

When the rain stopped and the water receded, Noah sent a raven to bring back information about the water, but the raven did not return. And he sent forth a dove, that she might return with the number of the olives, that Noah might know that the waters were abated from off the earth. 

However, these single families who survived the flood and God's wrath were able to get off the boat and start a new life. Then the Lord blessed Noah and his children abundantly, and told them all to grow up and be fruitful. (Genesis 9:1) 

God made a great covenant with Noah and his family. "He said," I will never again destroy you or your children or their children or any living creature with the flood. That's my promise. He showed the sign of his covenant, he made a rainbow in the clouds, so that all living creatures living on earth would be reminded of his covenant. (Genesis 9:9-17) 

What else does the Bible have to say about Noah? 

Noah Story for Kids, According to the Word

God's servant Noah is first mentioned in the Bible. Because his father Lamech predicted the coming destruction and wrath on earth, and Noah's character and human resurrection: He said that Noah would comfort men in the toil and painful toil of our hands, whom God had cursed. (Genesis 5:29) 

Because Noah feared God, he obeyed the voice of the Lord and built the ark, because he had faith. Because God had told him of a great flood, he had never heard of or seen a flood before. 

According to the Book of Ezekiel 14: 20, the Lord counted Noah, Daniel, and Job among the three most righteous men: Almighty God swears by his own life that if Job, Daniel, and Noah had been there, they would not have been able to save the son, nor the daughter. These three can only save themselves through their righteousness. 

What are some of the interesting facts about Noah? 

  • Noah was the tenth generation of Adam; Noah's grandfather's name was Methuselah, the oldest man according to the Bible. His grandfather lived to be 90 years old. But some say that Methuselah also drowned in the flood, but he probably died before the flood came. In these cases, we do not have in-depth details to learn about this from the scriptural entity. (Genesis 5:27). 
  • Noah was five hundred years old when his sons were born to him: Japheth, Shem, and Ham. But Noah was six hundred years old when the flood came. (Genesis 7:6) 
  • When he set foot on dry land after the Flood, Noah was the first to build an altar to offer sacrifices to God. The first vineyard after the flood was planted by Noah, so the first drunkard recorded in the Bible is Noah. 
  • According to Genesis 9: 21-26; When Noah's younger son Ham saw his father drunk in his tent, he went and told his brothers. When Noah awoke from his drunkenness, he found out that my youngest son had told his brothers about me. Because of this headache, he punished Ham by saying, I curse your son Canaan, he will be the most humiliating slave of his brothers' slaves. After the flood, Noah lived only three hundred and fifty years, and he was nine hundred and fifty years old, when he was dead. 

Biblical Symbols About the Noah Story 

1. Crows, doves: The dove represents peace according to the Bible. According to the Bible, Koa used to arrange the meals of a prophet. In Scripture, these two birds likely represent peace, rest, and the glory of God. (Genesis 8:8-12) 

2. The ark: The ark represents a safe house and fortress for the faithful, as God sends rain on the earth and floods the earth. However, we see the use of the same word in the story of Moses, when Moses' mother puts him in a basket of reeds on the Nile. 

Since the Nile was home to evildoers and demons like Hippos, however, the "ark" of the ark kept Moses afloat until Pharaoh's daughter saw it, for her daughter was bathing in the harbor. (Genesis 6:14-16) 

3. Mountains: We can see mountains as a symbol throughout the Bible, and the meaning leads to different things. For example, the long life on the mountain, the peaks of life, the places of worship, or the place where Jesus was transfigured, etc. 

In this passage it is shown that the Lord did not leave Noah because he was a righteous man. The mountains may represent the hope that the flood waters will eventually recede and flow away. (Genesis 8:4) 

4. Number 40: The number 40 indicates completeness or completeness in Scripture. We're reading Jesus fasted for forty days and forty nights in the desert.Similarly, when the Israelites disobey God, they wander in the wilderness for forty years. 

5. Rainbow: The Bible describes the sacred rainbow as the Lord showing his "bow" in the sky.If you have ever noticed that when the rain ends, we see this bow in the sky. This is God's covenant with mankind, so He reminds us. (Genesis 9:13-17) 

What is the lesson of Noah's Ark? 

The Noah Story tells us that his family consisted of 8 people: Noah and his wife, his 3 sons, and their wives. Since this is the only family that was flooded by the wrath of God He was saved from it. 

These families became the founders of a new and another line of mankind, so Jesus Christ was born for our salvation. These events leading up to the Flood can be understood as a precursor to the second coming of Jesus Christ. 

Just as a sudden storm swept away all these sinful people, and they did not even know it. In the same way, the Son of Man will come suddenly, and the righteous man will take mankind with him. (Matthew 24:37-39) 

From this lesson we learn that God shows us the way to salvation, so that we can be saved. He exhorts us on earth to repent, so that we too may have the right to sit with Noah on his ark. 

We also see God's faithfulness in this lesson. He did not leave Noah and his family alone in the flood but was with them. The waters finally recede from the spiritual earth, and God gives the family the power to live a new life on earth again. 

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