How Does the Fear of God Lead to Wisdom?

How Does the Fear of God Lead to wisdom?

How Does the Fear of God Lead to Wisdom? 

Because the fear of God motivates us to keep His commandments and to read His Word. So that we can gain wisdom by practicing it. It creates fear in our lives. Because when we fear the Most High, we also bow down to Him, praise, honor, and obey Him. 

According to Proverbs 9: 10, the Bible says: "The fear of Him is for us the beginning of wisdom and the power to understand the Holy One." Let's know about it. Let's first consider the meaning of the word fear. Then they understand what wisdom it is to fear the Lord. 

The Fear of God is the Origin of Wisdom: What Does It Mean? 

We know God created us at His own form. For he loved us, and we ought to love him, and to give him glory and praise. Because He is good and merciful. Because the Bible tells us to fear God, it does not mean that we should fear the Lord. 

For he is not unjust that he should do evil of his own accord, or that he should be cruel to us. He's the Prince of Peace He will never do anything bad to us. This is what it means to fear He forbids us from bad habits. For He is our Creator, and He admonishes us. He forbids sin. Fear of him exhorts us to live our lives according to the rules. 

For the fear of him is an admonition to us, and the Bible describes it with love. So that we do not do evil and remain faithful to him. Not to fear God is to despise Him. Just as we do not let the fear of God our physical Father discourage us, we must not allow our Lord to discourage us. 

When we want to that, we do not let God disappoint us, so we fear Him, so you accept that the fear and the will of God are for our admonition and good. You understand that his every decision reflects his love for us. 

Fear and Wisdom 

1. The fear of the Most High gives us the wisdom of humility, for that wisdom is the source of all creation and salvation. We need to acknowledge this. He did not create man in His own image, but in His own image. It means, those who are completely faithful to God. For he blesses men whose conduct is right and whose hearts are in the right place. 

This partnership makes man a faithful friend of God. No one can enter God's house He doesn't stop anyone. According to Proverbs 16: 18, such people arrogantly forget the reality of hell. The Bible warns us. That pride goes before the fall, those who believe in God They are moulded into a being that is only meant to multiply on such a human ego. 

Those who recognize God and His Kingdom are recognized with Him as the ruler of the universe. According to Isaiah 55: 8-9, the Lord says: "Man's thoughts do not match my thoughts, and my ways do not match man's ways." Only the faithful recognize that his thoughts and ways are higher and higher than the thoughts and ways of men. 

That is why the righteous prefer to read only the Scriptures. When they stray from the narrow path and come back to the straight path. For they repent of their sins, and fear Him, and amend their way of life. Therefore, God promises that they will be protected from all evil in their daily life on earth and that they will receive everlasting life.  

2. If we taunt someone, double the taunt will come back to us. Because sarcasm can't be reasoned with, they don't listen to anyone and refuse to even learn the right things and keep trying to increase their meanness. 

According to Proverbs 9: 7, because the one who trains the scoffer People ridicule and curse him, and anyone who tries to correct such a taunt. The Bible forbids such things. The ones who are funny and naughty They make fun of those people. Because they are happy to do so. Although it should be avoided Because it is very hard to bear. 

3. According to Proverbs 1: 7, the fear of God corrects us to believe the Bible and to accept and practice it. Those who do not fear God and do not obey his commands are foolishly rejecting God's wisdom and commands. According to Proverbs 18: 2, a fool is not pleased with his fellow man's opinion, but he says it. I'm just giving the right opinion. 

Therefore, we should identify the good and bad people whether they are saying the right thing or giving the wrong opinion. But on the contrary, a wise person is one who studies God's Word and acts on it. God expects the same. What the Bible tells us It is a means of connecting with God. So we have to implement it. 

The Point of View of the Bible 

How Does the Fear of God Lead to wisdom?

The Bible tells us that man's duty is to love God and to love one another, as the Lord Jesus Christ taught us. Therefore, in addition to following God's Word, we must also listen to and follow the good advice of our parents and others around us. 

According to Proverbs 13: 20, when we humbly listen to the advice of wise people, we become one of them. Therefore, when we accept their correction, we acquire understanding, who follow the advice of fools. They will be called fools, and they will be killed along with them. Therefore, we must follow the teachings of God's Word. So that the fear of him may overshadow us, for he is God Almighty. 

Finally the Lesson 

From Bible passages we learned that: When we fear the heavenly Master, we obey Him. Because we are born to praise and honor Him. Because He is our Creator. So the fear of God draws us closer to Him. So that we can gain more wisdom by staying close to what God says in the Bible. 

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