What are Physical Death and Spiritual Death

What are Physical Death and Spiritual Death

What are Physical Death and Spiritual Death

Dear Friends, the Bible describes two different kinds of death. Both spiritual death and physical death. All of us are aware that one day we will leave this earthly existence behind. There is a big difference between them. We shall be referred to be true Christians if we submit to the order of Jesus Christ, walk with the Lord by confessing he as Savior, receive baptism, and be completely rescued. 

As genuine Christians, we will not be entitled to a physical death; rather, we will pass not die, but sleep in Christ. those who reject the offer of salvation from Jesus Christ. As a result, they will not be regarded as genuine Christians and will be entitled to a bodily death. 

Physical thoughts 

All of our wills must be given over to God, and we must rid ourselves of our opinions and our ambitions. Many of us think that living such a life would be too challenging. Since we are all driven by worldly needs and worldly thoughts, we are all inherently selfish. 

These sensual, worldly ideas are luring us toward sin and further separating us from God. Loved one! We discover an incredible reality about Jesus Christ as we come to know Him and receive Him as our Savior. mostly because they have higher expectations for us than we have. 

God desires for all of his created beings to have eternal life rather than perish. Jesus Christ wants to see us happy, and He saves us. My dear! Whatever God desires or thinks is best for us. His fixes are universal. 

To whom shall we surrender our will? 

What are Physical Death and Spiritual Death

Knowing this, we can comprehend completely that Jesus Christ is the only Lord in heaven and on earth. The only God who can make all of our anxieties and concerns joyful is Christ. Knowing that we are greatly tempted, our faith persuades us to give our entire will to the Lord. 

Because, as Jesus Christ said, we cannot see any other path. Come to me in your sorrows, and I will give you eternal rest if you believe in me. Our eternal delight in Jesus Christ, our eternal life, and our trust are all in the Lord. There is no other way for us to live contentedly and cheerfully than via God. 

Rejoice in Christ 

The Lord gives us numerous blessings when we delight in Christ. Our minds are fixated on the Lord, and we delight within, thus we become authentic with Christ in our hearts and we exult in God. 

when we have a deep-seated understanding that there is no other way to be happy without God and that we cannot be happy without Jesus. We believe that Jesus Christ is our life and death because, without Christ, we are useless. We shall die a spiritual death if we continue to be true to the Lord and die in that faithfulness. 

Then, we will be referred to as God's children, and we will be made alive in the Lord when we rise again in Christ and get new life from God. We shall be raised from spiritual death by Jesus Christ, who will then transform us into new and ideal creatures. We shall receive a pure body and a faultless mind, making us similar to the angels in this aspect. 

In heaven, fear will vanish from our life and we will dwell forever with the Father, the Son, and the Lord Jesus Christ. We will also rule with the Lord Jesus Christ. At that point, physical death will no longer have any influence over us. Because we will have eternal life. We shall eventually attain eternal life, just like the angels. 

What is the status of a martyr in Christianity? 

Being a martyr for Christ does not mean dying; rather, it means resting in the presence of the Lord, thus we do not need to fear becoming a martyr for Christ. Loved one! When we are martyred in God, our suffering will be brief. He who sleeps awakens again, and he who sleeps in Christ finds eternal life again. 

When Christians face persecution, the world will become more sinful, morality will be blurred, and persecution will be commonplace. At that point, the Resurrection will have to happen. Martyrs in Christ will experience complete freedom from sin, a holy place, happiness in the vast world, a lofty location in heaven, and we shall inherit heaven. 

In that place, there won't be any suffering, no lamenting, no agony, and no death or illness. There, we shall live a pleasant and tranquil existence instead of an unhappy and stressful one. Since our hearts will be devoted to worshiping God, and our thoughts will only be directed on the Lord. Because Jesus Christ is our King and the owner of both life and death, physical death will thus not affect us. 

As a result, we don't need to worry or panic about dying physically. Because the resurrection will end the existence of this world, it will be extremely frightening to us in the past. This world will be destroyed along with its species. On the Day of Judgment, everything will perish—man, bird, earth, sky, plain, and mountain—and the final consciousness will only briefly appear to us. 

Then, everyone who has fallen asleep in Christ will see the first moment of resurrection and judgment in heaven. If we follow Jesus' teachings and stay "faithful to the end," we will all be raised from the dead. The Holy Spirit and the Lord say that we will wear the crown of the kingdom. 

To be accepted by Jesus Christ and get power from the Lord, each of us must fully submit our heart, mind, and will to Him. Our God, Jesus Christ, will pour out His Holy Spirit on us. 

Can we be filled with the Holy Spirit and perform miracles like Christ? 

What are Physical Death and Spiritual Death

Jesus Christ will operate through us to accomplish what He did because God wants us to accomplish great acts of His power. A close examination of the Bible's account of Christ's miracles reveals that among many other amazing feats, He raised the dead and gave legs to the crippled, eyes to the blind, and ears to the deaf. 

Loved one! Both your God and mine desire for us to welcome God into our hearts and souls, to welcome the Holy Spirit into our homes, and to do all of these marvels just like Jesus did. so that we can honor God's name and serve Christ in the future. So the Lord declared that I will not leave you orphans, but I will send helpers for all of you. 

Today's miracles are all the result of the Holy Spirit working through us to accomplish His will. The Holy Spirit, not ourselves, is the source of our marvels. May God provide us the bravery to fully believe that Jesus will return and draw us to Himself, as well as the strength to be perfect in our relationship with Him. 

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