God's Word Allows Criticism of the Servant

God's Word Allows Criticism of the Servant

God's Word Allows Criticism of the Servant

My dear Friends! I would want to ask you today: Does the Word allow criticism of the servant? Social media remarks criticizing God's servant have been making the rounds for a while. Images of one eating a certain dish or staying at a certain hotel go viral. There have been a lot of odd remarks written criticizing it. 

Is it appropriate for us to be critical of them, particularly if our criticism centers on their offering and payment of tithes? Furthermore, some of our Christian siblings leave quite negative comments. I have no idea of their beliefs or motivations. 

An attempt is being made to divert people from God's word and His commandments. Do people who say such things not deserve to sin? Although he was chosen and appointed by the Lord, he was not appointed as a servant in and of himself. So, before passing judgment on His designated servant, let us consider and comprehend. 

Gifts and Tithes in the Holy Bible 

When we read the Hebrew Scriptures, we learn that the Israelites presented gifts and offerings and sacrifices to the Lord every time. They used to bring a tenth of their earnings and offer it to the servant of God. For this is what the Lord Jesus Christ commanded. And Christ said, "Do not Criticism of the Servant."

God gave the older Moses a command to bring a sacrifice to God on behalf of the entire congregation of Bani Israel. Additionally, God stated that anybody with a cheerful heart should also bring an offering. It is crucial to give to God with all of your heart and enthusiasm. 

Genesis 4 provides an example of this since God will not accept a sacrifice made in vain. When "Cain" and "Abel" presented their offerings to the Lord, they preferred Abel's sacrifice over Cain's. Thus, for God to accept this gift, we must give it joyfully every time. 

Verse 8 of Psalm 96. The Lord King of Kings. He is Merciful, Gracious, and Praiseworthy. According to His Word, we are to bring an offering to the Lord's courts and exalt Him in our praises so that His name is exalted. It is inappropriate to chastise the servant for bringing offerings into God's sanctuary. 

We present an offering to God's servant every time we enter His presence. Since the Lord commands us to do this we should recognize that when we offer a gift to one of His servants, we are also giving that present to God. Since He never loses what is entrusted to Him. 

We should turn away from such thinking. A number of us believe that we, or our gifts and tithes, are in charge of running God's temple. This is the idea of the sinner; God is in charge. He orders us to give a tithe. 

Why are our blessings withheld? 

God wants everyone to open their fists in the service of His servant, so that God also extends His right hand to us, and blesses us. We must comprehend why we grieve the Lord Jesus Christ and why blessings are not bestowed upon us. since we don't present him with an offering. Thus, if you start contributing today, it will come to you naturally. 

God asks all of us two questions and then answers them. We have been asked, or perhaps some of us have been asked, if a man cheats the Lord, is there any man who can cheat God? Then they say, are we cheating? And he responds, you cheated me. 

God's response to his query, "You are defrauding me of offerings and tithes," We deceive the Lord when we fail to give the whole offering and tithe; even when we do, we do it reluctantly, showing favor to him and God's servant; we also give under duress and boast to others that we were made to give gifts and tithes. Thus, when we criticize the servant, the Lord is not pleased. 

How do we cheat God? 

When we need anything, we promise or ask God for it, and if he grants it, we give an offering and tithe to him. We dare not give him a tithe when our task is finished. We defraud them when we fail to give them their entire tithe. 

We constantly entice God to bless us. If we allow him to provide all of our wants, we will submit to him and acknowledge him as the real God. Some of us claim that we will believe in a Lord if He exists and has the power to solve our difficulties. At that point, we shall accept His presence. 

God has promised that you will receive if you contribute, so why do we constantly tempt him? We don't test him in this matter because, as he puts it, "test me in this matter." At this time, he promises to open the heavens and show you favor when you bring the tithe of your profits to his house and use it to test him. 

  1. So, who stands in the way of our blessings? 
  2. Who or what is it that stops us from thinking? 
  3. Who is it that speaks softly in our souls? 
  4. Why do we hold God accountable for the servants? 
  5. Who is it that plants false beliefs about gifts and things in our thoughts, such as the impression that God's man stays in opulent hotels and dresses impeccably? 

We are being turned against the Lord by Satan and his people because we are not able to provide our blessings to God's servants with open hands. We have to follow him faithfully. 

Additionally, I ask that all of God's servants post images and videos of their prayer programs on social media. Spread the Word, but refrain from using social media to promote your personal or private life. Because of this, there is criticism of the servant, and God forbids anybody from touching His servants.  

If we help, God will help us 

God's Word Allows Criticism of the Servant

Verse 38 of Luke 6: This verse contains the first word. Meaning, provide it. First and foremost, realize that we must take the initiative and begin with ourselves. God will give us more if we use money to serve him. Even though we already have a lot more, He gave that to us as well. 

God will provide us more, and we will donate from our wages. In the same way, the Lord will double what we give to anybody. We shall receive blessings if we pray for them. bad will come upon us if we want bad upon someone else. because Jesus does not grant favor. 

So let's start donating to God if we want to become wealthy. God will respect us if we honor the Lord, His Word, and His appointed servants. We shall receive criticism if we criticize the servant. The Lord says that you will receive a measure back in proportion to how you measure things. 

The Lord has commanded that the priest or any other godly servant serving Jesus must partake of it to be respected. The donation or tithe that we will pay them will power their home. 

The New Testament and the Reformation of the Old Testament 

Whether discussing the age of God's grace or the age of law, the Old and New Testaments teach the same things. Jesus did not come to abolish the law, but to fulfill it. We work somewhere if we get compensated to do so. 

Likewise, the work that the Lord has given to God's workers is carried out by them. Then he uses us to pay them as well. Thus, we ought not to believe that we are the reason God's servant's home functions. God maintains His wonderful servants. 

My dear! The glory of God is unseen. Because we all humans become sinners by sinning. However, because God is unseen, he atones for our transgressions. Unlike the hypocrites, you will receive a reward from your invisible father if you fast. 

The donation should be offered freely in every church or to God's servants; only then will God be pleased. It should also be given with gladness. Jesus Christ tells us to treat servants with respect. Jesus Christ teaches us not to criticize of servants. 

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